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Forensic ArchitectureForensic Architecture & architectural design services throughout Los Angeles, CA

National Construction & Architecture takes pride in being leaders in the construction and forensic architecture industry.

We have a strong focus on assessing damages for buildings using its architecture and design. Our services have revolved around the needs of lawyers, insurance companies and home owners throughout Los Angeles and San Diego.

Forensic Architecture was established and developed at Goldsmiths, University of London. This concept concentrates and analyzes International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights violations.

Through Forensic Architecture, international prosecution teams, political organizations and the UN can be provided with evidence in various processes. 3D models and interactive cartographies show events in exact and accessible manners.

At NCA, we provide forensic evaluation, for cases related to design, construction and maintenance deficiencies. Our Forensic Architecture services analyze buildings and spaces. We examine designs, how something was built, how something was assembled, or material deficiencies. Our results have been and can be used in a court of law or similar forums.